We are a company specialized in the design and construction of skateparks, with the capacity to build projects on a worldwide scale.

We have a public building permit that allows us to work with public entities, ensuring all the work inherent to the construction of a skatepark.

All spaces, from the simplest projects to those of reference, are designed according to the user needs and the investment possibilities of municipalities and/or investors, always ensuring their maximum utility.

We have developed a more ecological skatepark construction system, in which the vast majority of raw materials are sustainable or come from recycled materials.

Our skateparks are dynamic and can be easily updated, ensuring they never become obsolete.


Building a skatepark is a job that must be performed with detail, never neglecting the safety of future users.

Here you have access to information that will help you make the best decisions.

Digital Portfolio

Download our digital portfolio, with a brief presentation of our work process and images of several works already developed.

Download here
Relevant Technical Information